Try a new activity.

Explore an unusual route home from work or school.

Get on a bus and see some other neighbourhoods.

Notice something new in your surroundings

DSC08058 - Version 2

Window shop

Cook or bake with a new recipe

Hike in a different park

Hang out in a cafe



Where are you?
These specific questions help you reflect on your current lifestyle.
  1. What new experiences are you curious to try?
  2. Where would you like to explore?
  3. Where would you like to explore?
Where are you going?
These questions help you set realistic goals that move towards change.
  1. What would you like to change?
  2. Where would you like to be in
    • one month?
    • one year?
  3. What will you do
    • today?
    • this week?

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