Aim to get out in all kinds of weather. Clothes and gear can help make this possible.

Walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, skiing, running are examples of aerobic activities which help boost mood, alleviate anxiety, curb cravings for unhealthy substances, foster heart health, stabilize blood sugar and promote weight loss.  Many studies indicate that at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week is optimal.


Planning ahead, setting aside time and perhaps making a date with a friend to exercise may help make exercise a part of a daily routine.

Walking or cycling to work or school, going to a spin class at lunch time or getting off the bus a few stops early and walking the rest of the trip are some ways to fit activity into a busy schedule.


Try joining a team or club, throwing a frisbee, kicking a ball, dancing, racket sports, flying a kite, playing in playgrounds Have fun!

Being Active



Where are you?
These specific questions help you reflect on your current lifestyle.
  1. What kind of activities do you enjoy?
  2. How often do you exercise each week?
  3. For how long?
Where are you going?
These questions help you set realistic goals that move towards change.
  1. What would you like to change?
  2. Where would you like to be in
    • one month?
    • one year?
  3. What will you do
    • today?
    • this week?


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