Vitamin D

Mood Lifter and Fat Burner

Vitamin D has long been linked to mood.  Now, recent research shows its association
with promoting weight loss. 
Adequate Vitamin D levels help you . . .
1.  Eat less and feel more satisfied     Vitamin D levels are linked to leptin, the  hormone that tells the brain  you are full so stop eating.
2.  Store less fat      Vitamin D slows the body’s cells’ storage of fat.  With High Vitamin D, less parathyroid (PTH) and calcitrol hormone are produced. These hormones promote the body’s fat storage.
3.  Lose belly fat    Studies at the Univeristy of Minnesta and Laval showed that vitamin D triggers fat loss primarily around the belly.
4.  Lose weight and help your heart     Studies show that vitamin D is linked to higher weight loss  and decreasing cardiovascular risk factors such as serum triglycerides.

Sources of Vitamin D
A.  Be outdoors on sunny days      Note however, that sunscreen, air pollution and season affect the amount of Vitamin D your body will create a form of Vitamin D that lasts twice as long in your bloodstream than vitamin D derived form supplements or food.  Also, be careful to limit sun exposure in order the minimize risk of skin cancer and skin  signs of premature aging. 
B.  Supplements    There is a lot of controversy concerning this.  Some North American medical institutes recommend 600  IU  per day.  However, there is growing evidence that 1000 – 2000 IU is optimal for most adults in northern climates.  For those who are overweight, some studies indicate 
that 2000 – 4000 IU is needed, since with obesity, more Vitamin D is trapped and less goes into the bloodstream. 
Vitamin D supplements are not a substitute for dietary sources,  since foods often contain complementary nutrients, such as calcium and omega – 3 fatty acids  that contribute to weight loss.
C.  Dietary  sources
a.  fatty fish such as salmon and mackeral    They also contain Omega – 3 which works together with Vitamin D to promote weight loss and inhibit cancer cell growth. Wild salmon can contain up to 4 times more Vitamin D than farmed salmon.
b.  fortified Dairy products  :contain  vitamin D,  calcium and leucine which all promote fat burning and muscle growth.  
c.  omega – 3 fortified eggs  contain omega – 3 fatty acid  and vitamin D work together to facilitate weight loss. 

modified from  Men’s Health magazine    September  2011 

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