The Ultimate Sport

“..ultimate frisbee combines speed, grace and powerful hurling with a grueling pace.”

“..the team sport of the future, combining the running of soccer with 
the stamina of hockey and the cutting, jumping and passing of basketball…”
Canadian National Times
“Ultimate is now one of the fastest growing sports in the world.”
Canadian National Times
I have been playing Ultimate Frisbee on and off since university intramurals.
Though I am steadily improving, my skill level still hovers somewhere between advanced beginner and intermediate .  I stick with it since it’s a great way to run around, enjoy time with friends and simply have fun.  We all feel so much happier once we arrive on the field at the end of our workday, to “toss a disc” warming up for our game. 
Ultimate Frisbee was started by a group of high school students in the late sixties and has now spread internationally.  It’s a bit like Frisbee soccer/ football, in that the main objective is to pass the Frisbee among team members until someone catches it in the goal area.  If  a player drops the “disc” ,  the other team gets the Frisbee and the movement goes the other way, toward to other goal area.  Each point starts with the two teams of seven facing one another from each end of the field.  One team throws the disc to the other team (“offence”) and defends by attempting to block passes, initiating a turn-over of the disc. 
Players are expected to be honest in calling fouls and out-of-bounds etc.  and
thus there are no referees in competitive ultimate Frisbee, just “observers”. 
It is a simple, accessible, light-hearted game that is slowly making its way to high schools again.  There are leagues and pick – up games just about everywhere…
so if you are curious, there are lots of opportunities  to try it out.
For a detailed history of “Ultimate”  :

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