Tea Tips

Caffeine content  
from highest to lowest

Black   >   Semi-Green >   Green >  White

White tea = most fermented , black tea = least fermented.

Studies have associated drinking two cups of green tea
per day with weight loss.

Herbal tea generally contains
no caffeine and is not a form of fermented black tea.

Tea Tasting 

The Tea-master offers tea samples,
inviting tasters to note …



Dark?   Light?


A hint of Lilac? Fresia? Rose?


Caramel? Maple?

Like “hay”? tobacco?


Each tea requires different heat of water
and steeping times.
Do not steep teas longer than indicated. 
The tea is “spent” after this time,
and can lose some of its health benefits
with excess steeping.

From:     Silk Road Teas       2011   Victoria, BC

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