Complementing Cacao

Cacao’s taste and effects can be enhanced by
Cinnamon  –  helps balance blood sugar levels.
Helps dilate capillaries and deliver fat-soluble nutrients of cacao.
Chilies  –  dried chilies were part of the Mayan sacred drink. 
Like cinnamon, it helps cacao’s nutrients reach the cells more easily. 
Vanilla  – the only orchid fruit produced by more than 35 0000 orchid varieties around the world. 
Vanilla is an aphrodisiac on its own and magnifies cacao’s power.
Many mythologies describe vanilla and cacao as divine lovers who take on plant form.
Mint  –  as a green leafy vegetable, its calcium synergizes well with cacao’s Magnesium.
It also dilates capillaries to bring more nutrients to the cells. 

Bee pollen – most complete food found in nature. 
A rich source of protein that has all essential amino acids.

Raw Honey

Spirulina  – contains more protein than any other food on earth.


Agave Nectar


Young Coconuts

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